Shortages in Electricity Rising Across America

In a troubling new trend, shortages in key supplies appear to be occurring more and more frequently in America.

To this day, California is dealing with various water shortages. Residents in parts of the state are therefore being asked to limit how much outdoor water they use on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, a few months back, Joe Biden announced that food shortages are on the way to the country. At the same time, the United States is also facing documented shortages in baby formula, posing a real complication for parents.

If the current lacking supplies weren’t bad enough, shortages in access to electricity are also on the horizon, per Fox News.

Declining Access to Power

It goes without saying that electricity is a vital resource.

It lets people heat their homes, see in the dark, and otherwise live comfortably. However, thanks to the phasing out of nuclear power plants, grid operators warn of electricity shortages coming momentarily.

Many folks on the political left have argued that thermal resources can and should be swapped out for things like solar panels.

However, the outcomes from thermal resources and nuclear power plans versus solar panels and wind turbines are not the same.

As it turns out, the renewable energy sources heralded by Democrats lack the necessary bandwidth that nuclear power plans possess.

According to grid operators, shortages in electricity could begin as early as this summer. Meanwhile, the ongoing inflation and supply chain problems are causing hardships with access to renewable energy farm development.

Failed Climate Change Activism

Reported electricity outages that are on the horizon are results of Democrats’ work to enact climate change reforms. Polling has shown that most Democrats support a transition to renewable energy (despite its clear deficiencies), whereas most Republicans do not.

The renewable energy agenda is being driven by the same folks who argue electric vehicles are the end-all-be-all to dodging high gas prices.

However, electric vehicles cost more money than vehicles that run on gas. The same oil industry that Democrats oppose is also critical for building electric vehicles.

That’s also not to mention that widespread electric vehicle usage would make the United States dependent on China for these vehicle supplies.

With China being openly against the United States and a direct competitor of America, the last thing we should do is make ourselves reliant upon them for resources. The communist nation would absolutely love to have this upper hand, though.

If widespread electricity outages materialize as they’re expected to later this year, it will only add to the real problems Americans face each day.

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