Shocking: Woman Eaten Alive by Her Own Pigs

A woman in Russia met a particularly gruesome fate after being eaten alive by her own pigs, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

What Happened?

The 56-year-old woman tragically collapsed in her pig pen after suffering from an epileptic seizure. It was at this point that the pigs descended upon the woman and literally ate her flesh. Blood loss from being eaten by pigs has been cited as the determined cause of death. The woman’s husband is also said to have found what was left of her in the pig pen on the following morning. Prior to the seizure, the 56-year-old woman was reportedly feeding the very pigs which would later eat her.
While this occurrence may seem bizarre and very out of the ordinary, it’s not as rare as people may believe. Over the years, there have been various stories of pig farmers becoming the prey of their own animals. Some pigs have even been the aggressors of attacks carried out prior to eating their farmers.
Russian media has since launched an investigation into this incident.
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