Shocking New Information on Murder of Cashapp Founder Bob Lee

Last month, the founder of Cash App Bob Lee was stabbed to death in San Francisco. At the time, the assumption was that a criminal, homeless person, or drug addict had tried to mug Lee.

Now, the police’s view on what happened is changing dramatically, however; a fellow Big Tech bro has been charged with the murder.

It’s a twisted tale of alleged group sex, drugs, and corruption. This article will be disturbing for some readers.

Swingers and Drug-Fueled Orgies

Information is now coming out that Lee, 43, lived a hedonistic lifestyle of sex parties full of drugs and swinging.

After his murder, friends of Lee came forward to authorities to tell the truth about what had been going on in his life before the tragic killing.

According to them, Lee started sleeping with a fellow tech executive’s wife a few years ago in this swinger lifestyle. Lee then allegedly also started sleeping with the tech executive’s married sister named Khazar Momeni.

This 37-year-old woman and her affair with Lee began to cause rumors to go around and friends felt he could be in some danger.

Prosecutors say that Momeni’s brother Nima confronted Lee about the affair the day before the murder and had a big fight with him. They then allege that Nima stabbed Lee to death as a result of his suspicions the next day.

Gruesome Murder

According to the prosecution, Nima, who has now been charged with murder, stabbed Lee repeatedly and left him bleeding to death downtown on April 4.

Lee fell down near the Bay Bridge and died as he bled out on the ground. In his life traveling the world to rave parties and taking cocaine and ketamine, it appears Lee may have upset one too many people.

Lee has two daughters and used to be married. He would reportedly go to these sex parties as a way to “unwind.”

Nima is being held in prison awaiting trial. He now faces murder charges and plans to enter a plea of not guilty.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.