Shocking New Connection Exposed Between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

The friendship between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein made a splash several years ago after Epstein’s death.

When asked about lessons he’d learned from spending time with Epstein, Gates said “he’s dead” and it just taught him to always be careful. It turned out that Epstein actually blackmailed Gates; the ties between them go much deeper than previously reported.

Blackmail and Secret Affairs

It turns out that Bill Gates was having an affair with a very young lady from Russia and Epstein tried to blackmail over it.

Gates started sleeping with Antonova when he was in his 50s and she was in her early 20s. The young Russian bridge player and Gates met in 2010.

Epstein then linked up with Antonova in 2013 and reportedly shelled out for her to have higher education in computer coding.

He then decided to use Antonova against Gates. Epstein wanted funding and to do deals with Gates and reportedly blackmailed Gates over his affair with Antonova.

Pay Up, Or Else…

After Antonova graduated with her coding degree, Epstein e-mailed Gates and said he wanted to be paid back for the money he’d given the young lady for her schooling.

The email was clearly a blackmail attempt to start the money flowing from Gates to Epstein.

Epstein wanted Gates to pay into a fund for “charity” that he planned to do along with banking giant JPMorgan Chase. When Gates didn’t want to join the fund, that’s when Epstein supposedly went into blackmail mode.

Gates has tried very well to cover his bases. He claims he and Epstein were only having various dinners and meetings about “philanthropic matters.”

Gates’ public relations spokesperson claims these meetings ended once Epstein attempted to “leverage” the “past relationship” against Gates, adding that Gates did not pay.

Disturbing Questions…

Gates met with Epstein more than seven times and went to Epstein’s house various times.

Three questions: Are we certain Epstein didn’t introduce Gates to Antonova in the first place in order to intentionally have dirt on him?

Are we sure Epstein didn’t introduce Gates to many more girls in the past who may also have been underage? Are we sure Gates wasn’t involved in some way in Epstein’s “suicide” to cover his tracks?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.