Shocking Majority of Conservative Educators Live in Fear

In America, it is no secret that the education sector is predominantly comprised of left-wingers. Most teachers and educators throughout various levels are Democrats and support Democratic candidates.

Teachers unions are collectively left-wing. They’ve embraced left-wing policies, such as opposing school choice, opposing returns to classrooms even amid the arrival of COVID vaccines, yet also supporting mask and vaccine mandates.

For the minority of conservative, Republican, or right-of-center educators, it can be lonely. Now, Newsmax is shining light on a new study that reveals how many conservative teachers are finding themselves living in fear.

The Study Every American Should Know About

According to research, more than seven in ten conservative educators are afraid they’ll be fired if certain opinions they have are misconstrued in any way. Moreover, even 56% of moderate teachers also hold this fear.

On the flip side, the research shows that only four in ten liberal educators feel they could lose their jobs if their own views are taken the wrong way.

On college campuses, for instance, there are growing concerns about the apparent crackdown against free speech rights. All too often, speech or opinions that fail to align with a certain ideology are deemed to be “hateful,” “misinformation,” and therefore shut down.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that what conservative and moderate teachers are facing will come to an end anytime soon. In fact, amid growing culture wars over education in the United States, it is very likely that the temperatures will get even more heated in the near future.

Bad For the Country

Right now, the United States is already facing a shortage of teachers. Amid the COVID pandemic, many educators quit their jobs and decided that a career change was in order.

This happened on such a large scale that many schools throughout the nation remain understaffed. Instructors for students with special needs are especially in low supply.

All things considered, it doesn’t bode well for swarms of teachers to fear that not being left-of-center on the political spectrum could cost them their jobs. This dynamic also isn’t doing anything to attract new people who may want to become teachers and help the next generation learn and grow.

Unless some serious changes are made toward how education is managed, approached, and shared with students, there’s no telling what the future holds. America needs more good teachers, not less of them.

Of course, the study documenting the fear that conservative and moderate teachers face has not been picked up by the teachers unions or other institutions in America’s education sector.

Are you concerned to learn that the overwhelming majority of conservative teachers now live in fear of receiving pink slips? You can let us know below in the comments area.