She Made Him Clean…What?! Here Are More Tales Of Amy Klobuchar Abusing Her Aides

The evidence of Democrats’ corruption continues to present itself at virtually every turn. Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar is under fire for allegedly mistreating her staffers.

The Accusations Against Amy Klobuchar

Klobuchar is having some serious issues regarding reports of abuse against the people who work for her. Various accounts involve the senator directing an aide to clean a comb which was used to eat salad and ordering her workers to wash her dishes and perform other tasks which are not befitting of political aides. When Klobuchar became angry, she allegedly hurled objects like phones and other office paraphernalia towards the people who worked for her. One of the worst accusations against Klobuchar involved her allegedly forcing an aide to shave her legs.
The reports surrounding the Democrat senator are so extreme that three individuals turned her down when she asked them to come on board to her 2020 campaign.

The Irony of the Accusations Against Amy Klobuchar

It’s actually quite ironic that Klobuchar is facing such serious accusations of treating her aides so terribly. After all, Democrats are the ones who claim to be the champions of workers, the “little guys,” and other individuals who they deem as marginalized, oppressed, and powerless; yet, here we have a story of a Democrat lawmaker treating her workers like second-class citizens. Actions speak louder than words, don’t they?
What are your thoughts on the allegations against Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar? Do you believe her accusers are simply lying to tarnish her political image and reputation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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