Senate GOP Distances From Trump Amid His Call to “Terminate” Constitution

Former President Trump’s demand to “terminate” the United States Constitution has not gone over well. This is being widely condemned, with Republicans and Democrats sharing their critical opinions.

It’s also been pointed out that when presidents take an oath of office, upon being sworn in, they actually vow to uphold and protect the Constitution.

This is directly at odds with Trump’s call to do away with this document simply because of how the last presidential election turned out.

Now, a growing number of GOP Senate members are working to distance themselves from this type of rhetoric, as documented by Politico.

The Fallout Continues

GOP Sen. John Cornyn declared the latest call from the former president is a sign Americans need to “move on” from Trump. Furthermore, Cornyn expressed that he personally is at a loss over Trump’s demand to nix the Constitution.

This came before the Texas lawmaker explained with statements such as this, Trump’s probability of winning the Republican nomination is only getting smaller.

Republican Sen. John Thune already stated he disagrees with what the former president advocated for. According to Thune, support for the Constitution is a “bedrock principle” for any candidate seeking public office.

Next, outgoing Sen. Pat Toomey warned that Trump is a “toxic force” and Republicans who showed their loyalty to him in the midterms wound up losing their elections.

Finally, Toomey predicted that Trump’s “toxic” nature is going to play a role in his influence waning within the Republican Party.

Trump Backtracking?

Amid the fallout over his call to nix the Constitution, Trump once again returned to Truth Social to try doing his own version of damage control.

The former president alleged “fake news” is twisting his words and that he merely called to right the wrongs he thinks occured in the 2020 presidential election.

However, Trump’s remarks about the Constitution were loud and clear. They also come as he’s already falling behind in several polls and taking heat for his recent dinner with Holocaust deniers.

At this point, many Americans are wondering what Trump’s doing and where his advisers are amid all of these PR nightmares. Since declaring his third run for the presidency, Trump has not hosted any rallies or engaged in actions that are typical for someone campaigning to be president.

All things considered, there is no telling what Trump will say or do next to generate negative controversy all over again.

What do you think about Republicans in the Senate who are striving to distance themselves from Trump’s talk to “terminate” our country’s Constitution? Do you believe this is going to continue having negative impacts on the former president amid his run for the White House?

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