Sen. Rick Scott Issues Travel Advisory: Florida Dislikes Socialists

Florida is publicly antagonistic toward socialists, communists, and anyone who supports them, according to the official travel warning.

Please be aware, before visiting Florida, that the state minimizes and undervalues the efforts of socialists and other members of the Biden administration, as well as the difficulties they encounter.

Florida Doesn’t Tolerate Foolishness

Let’s just state the obvious: the citizens of Florida will oppose any efforts to extend the servitude and destitution that socialism always entails.

The propagation of socialism in North Florida will not succeed. It is treated with scorn and derision, Scott added. The scenario is far more perilous for socialists throughout most of Central and South Florida.

They could run against individuals from Cuba, Venezuela, and other regions of Central and South America and the Caribbean, who have firsthand knowledge of the atrocities of socialism.

Scott stated in a notice that the advice is an immediate reaction to the Biden administration’s efforts to wipe out capitalism and the structure that provided wealth to Florida.

The inhabitants of Florida, Scott continued, will oppose any efforts to extend the oppression and impoverishment that socialism inevitably delivers.

Efforts to propagate socialism in North Florida, according to the previous governor and now senator, are going to be received with laughter and ridicule.

The NAACP released an independent travel warning for Florida a few days prior, noting contentious legislation regarding AP African American Studies programs and other laws.

The Governor’s Office referred to the NAACP travel advisory as a “stunt” in a letter to 8 On Your Side.

DeSantis Speaks Out

DeSantis remarked that the media ends up getting embroiled in these foolish arguments.

He said this is a ruse to attempt to play games. It is a blatant stunt. He continued by conveying that people were welcome to waste time on a stunt if they so desired.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.