Sen. Perdue, Wife Enter into Quarantine After Contact with COVID-19

"David Perdue" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Sen. David Perdue of Georgia is in a heated special election. Perdue is one of two GOP senators in a race against a Democrat for the U.S. Senate majority.
In the Georgia special elections, Republicans have somewhat of an advantage. In order to maintain their majority, the GOP needs to win only one race; whereas, Democrats would need to defeat both Republican incumbents in order to have the Senate control shift over to the left.

“David Perdue” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Perdue and GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler are hard at work. Both Republicans are running to uphold conservative principles, preserve President Trump’s legacy, and stop the radical socialist agenda of the extremist left.
Yesterday, however, Sen. Perdue and his wife, Bonnie Perdue, entered into quarantine after having contact with a staffer that tested positive for coronavirus. It’s important to note that both Perdues received negative COVID-19 tests, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at the Perdues’ Contact with COVID-19

On Thursday, Perdue was scheduled to attend a New Year’s Eve early vote concert with Sens. Kelly Loeffler, Lindsey Graham, and others. However, news that Perdue came into connection with a coronavirus-positive staffer threw a wrench in these plans.

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Perdue’s campaign released a statement. The statement confirmed that while both Perdue and his wife tested negative that day for COVID-19, they would still go into quarantine. Georgians also learned that both Perdues were “regularly tested” for the virus and will continue abiding by CDC guidelines.

Virtual Campaigning

While the Georgia Republican is unable to appear on the physical campaign trails, this isn’t slowing down the Perdue campaign at all.
Yesterday night, Perdue posted a selfie with himself and his wife smiling and looking well. The selfie is furthermore captioned with a “thank you” message to people who reached out to the couple, following their earlier statement.

Perdue assured that while he won’t be on the trails in Georgia, virtual campaigning is something he’ll engage in as the Georgia runoffs come to a close. Finally, the Georgia senator wished everyone a happy, safe, and healthy New Year’s Eve.
Georgians who wish to continue attending events in support of Sens. Perdue and Loeffler will have an opportunity to do so on Monday evening. Come the 4th, President Trump will rally in Dalton, Georgia for each of the GOP senators one last time.
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