Segregation is Back, Pushed by Commie Wokeists

The great America spent decades fighting race-based segregation to build a more united and just society.

Yet, Marxist-Communist leftists are now fighting to bring it back – as evidenced by an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, insisting medical students should segregated based on their race.

True Testimony to How Much They Have America

The fact that far-left Democrats are eager to restore segregation is probably the most blatant evidence that their ultimate goal is the destruction of the United States.

What is particularly striking is the vile idea of once again dividing American youth into “racial” groups in their education actually comes from “highly educated” individuals.

In a fresh development on the matter, the typically high-respected New England Journal of Medicine published a recommendation by academics from California’s Bay Area that medical schools segregate students based on race, The Blaze reported.

The report points out that the Californian Communists didn’t mention whether bathrooms, bus seats, and water fountains should be segregated as well, but a great guess would be this could be a next step in the far-left quest to destroy America.

They Want to Send Students of Color to RAGS

The segregation proposal for medical schools was authored by Leanna Lewis, Camila Fabersunne, Corina Iocopetti, Danielle McBride, and Gabby Negussie-Retta.

None of the above wokeists actually seems to be a professor, but that hasn’t stopped them from promoting segregation.

The UCSF communists proposed the creation of “racial affinity group caucuses” (RAGS), race-based segregated classes that would separate BIPOCs (i.e., people of color) from the “evil whites.” The proposal is garnished with lots of hateful anti-white rhetoric.

The fact that the New England Journal of Medicines published this woke nonsense infuriated many of its esteemed readers, including “Do Not Harm,” a medical nonprofit fighting political agendas in education.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, a UPenn professor of medicine who founded the group, slammed the journal and urged it to issue an apology for publishing an “illiberal and extremist article” ridden with “such offensive language.”

The entire case demonstrates that today’s leftists in America will stop at nothing in their crusade to completely destroy this nation.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.