Seattle Set to Lose More Police Officers Over COVID Vaccine Mandate


Many leftist inner cities have seen immense crime surges over the past year. This is due to the fact that Democrat leaders have embraced the defund the police movement. Defunding the police automatically leads to higher crime in any scenario.

Now, the chickens have come home to roost. However, recent developments confirm that Democrat leaders still haven’t learned their lesson yet. In fact, nationwide, Democrats are attempting to force police officers and other first responders to get the COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile, first responders throughout America are pushing back against tyrannical vaccine mandates and saying no way. Now, Seattle, Washington is a city that already lost much of its police officers due to the defund police movement.

However, Seattle could soon lose more police officers if the city is determined to keep its COVID vaccine mask mandate in place, as Breitbart News reports.

A Dwindling Police Force in Seattle

Right now, if Seattle keeps its COVID vaccine mandate in place, they will lose at least 200 more police officers. This loss would come after Seattle already lost 300 police officers in 2020, due to the city’s support of the defund police movement.

Low supply breeds high demand and Seattle is very short-staffed in the law enforcement department. However, the Seattle mayor maintains that in order for police officers and other city workers to remain employed, they have to get the COVID vaccine.

According to Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, a police union, they are working with the city to negotiate this mandate. However, if it still stands, then Mike Solan, the union’s president, argues that Seattle will have even fewer police officers working in order to uphold public safety.

It’s also worth noting that law enforcement officers in Seattle, Washington are part of a growing number of first responders pushing back against COVID vaccine mandates.

Politics vs. Public Safety

The bungled priorities of Seattle’s Democrat mayor are very unfortunate. This leftist city is once again choosing to put politics and government control over the importance of public safety. It’s very clear that Mayor Durkan is refusing to read the room; the only focus here is on mandates and forcing medical procedures onto first responders.

What Democrats don’t understand is that no mandate will matter if people collectively rise against it. This is happening across America when it comes to vaccine mandates.

If leftist leaders are truly prepared to fire every single first responder who refuses the COVID vaccine, their communities will quickly become immensely more dangerous.

What do you think about Seattle forcing through a mask mandate and subsequently losing another batch of vital police officers? Do you think the city will make a change for the sake of keeping officers on the force? Let us know below in the comments section.