SCOTUS Grants NYC Prosecutors Access to Trump’s Tax Records

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Leftists have, for years now, maintained an ongoing interest in the taxes and financial records of now-former President Donald Trump.

The 45th president stated for years that due to him being under audit by the IRS, his attorneys advised him against releasing his tax returns; Trump also went on record explaining that after this audit came to a close, he’d be more than happy to release the documents.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Political enemies of the former president have worked mightily to get their hands on Trump’s tax documents and they’re not relenting, as Breitbart News reports. Furthermore, on Monday, the Supreme Court gave the green light for prosecutors in New York City to access years of Trump’s financial records and tax documents.

A Closer Look at the Supreme Court’s Decision

On Monday, the Supreme Court permitted the continuation of a subpoena for eight years of the former president’s tax returns.

Because of this decision, leftist prosecutors in New York City have a clear path to proceed with their “ongoing investigation” into Trump’s financials. The purpose of this investigation is to supposedly root out potential insurance, bank, and tax fraud.

Cy Vance Jr., the district attorney of Manhattan, will now proceed with a criminal probe into the 45th president. The Supreme Court has not released a statement explaining their decision; furthermore, all justices on the court are said to have unanimously agreed to this ruling.

Many conservatives are criticizing Monday’s decision from the highest court in the land.

The Response from Trump

Following the decision of the Supreme Court on Monday, the 45th president released a statement.

In Trump’s remarks, he slammed the “political persecution” that remains ongoing against him. The former president then noted that New York officials’ interest in dismantling political foes only serves as a greater threat to liberty in America.

Finally, Trump compared his situation to that of third-world nations in which political rivals are intentionally targeted and maligned. The 45th president noted that “fascism” rather than “justice” is what the Supreme Court cleared the path for.

The Supreme Court still remained silent on their ruling, even after the public statement from the former president.

What do you think about the Supreme Court’s ruling against Donald Trump? What do you believe comes next amid the probe into Trump’s financial documents? Let us know what your viewpoints and predictions are down below in the comments section.