Schumer Blames Trump for Border Crisis

The crisis at the Southern border continues to dominate headlines. Various Americans across the nation have articulated concerns regarding the treatments of migrants and migrant children at the border. Of course, many people have noted that migrants should not endanger themselves or their children by attempting to illegally enter the country. Still, the present events at the border are causing controversy with individuals weighing in on who they view as the responsible culprit.

Of course, Democrats are now attempting to pass the buck and pretend as though they are innocent. On Friday, Democrat leader Chuck Schumer took to Twitter in order to grandstand and fault the president for the crisis at the border.

Schumer alleged that Democrats attempted to deal with matters at the border before they reached their current point. Of course, this is simply not true. The government actually shut down between December 2018 and January 2019 due to Democrats’ failure to work with the president on border security.

Reviewing Schumer’s Lies about the Border and the Trump Administration

Democrats continue to feign outrage over the unfortunate situations which are underway at the border. The reality is that if left-wingers truly cared, they would have acted months ago when the president warned of issues at the border. Instead, Democrats chose to blow Trump off and claim that he was simply lying to the country. Now, there’s no denying the issues which are underway.

Schumer’s tweets in which he faults the Trump administration and bemoans the treatment of migrants at the border are as follows:

Attempting to Change the Narrative

Schumer and Democrats can attempt to change the narrative until the cows come home, but the facts remain. Leaders of the Democrat Party do bear responsibility for what’s happening at the Southern border. They have repeatedly refused to work with President Trump and pushed for policies which enable illegal immigration.

Now, there are progressives within the party who are urging for government-sanctioned illegal immigration. In light of the problems which are presently underway, more illegal immigration is the last thing this country needs. Incentivizing individuals to unlawfully enter into America has led us to where we are now.

What do you think of Schumer’s attempt to pass the buck and blame the Trump administration for unfortunate events happening at the Southern border? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section down below!