Scandals Involving the FBI Just Got More Complicated

Things are not looking good for the FBI these days. It seems as though with each passing week or month, new depths of systemic corruption are revealed.

Some of the latest instances of this deal with the infamous Hunter Biden investigation, along with the particulars of the Durham report, which just came to light earlier this month.

Both of these factors, along with others, have left many Americans believing the FBI is irreparably broken and in need of a systemic change. New developments from Red State only reveal more troubling information about the FBI, meanwhile.

The Plot Thickens

Breaking news from the House Judiciary Committee just showed that some FBI officials were candid about politically-motivated “rot” within the organization. Unfortunately, those who chose not to keep their mouth shuts were punished with job terminations or the loss of  their security clearance.

To be clear, these officials previously linked to the FBI made allegations that point towards improper actions from leaders, the gross misuse of funds for law enforcement, and more.

At this rate, it begs to questions what else has been happening behind the scenes that certain FBI officials just weren’t privy to.

One previous agent was booted from the agency after he exposed its involvement in lying about the depth of “domestic violence extremism” linked to the 2021 US Capitol protests.

Of course, the FBI said this official spun an inaccurate impression of the agency and failed to adhere to its protocols.

More Work To Do

The House Judiciary Committee has been very clear it’s not going to give up this probe until it fully uncovers all corruption within the FBI. This means having a full rundown on everything that’s been going on, how agents who did speak up were retaliated against, and more.

Americans should buckle up because, from the looks of things, investigations have barely scratched the surface of the FBI’s ongoing lawlessness.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.