Sanders Staffer Gets Violent at Iowa State Fair

Time and time again, Democrat politicians go above and beyond in their efforts to portray themselves as morally superior. Yet, these efforts always fall short and are revealed as phony and disingenuous. If you let the left-wing tell it, all moral depravity exists only on the right, but Americans who are objectively paying attention know that this simply isn’t true. Democrats have a tendency to project and accuse others of what they themselves are doing.

Another example of Democrats’ wrongdoings presented itself at the Iowa State Fair, this past weekend. On Sunday, a staffer who works for 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders was caught physically pushing members of the press, as reported by Breitbart News.

Of course, this is something which the liberal media is trying to keep out of reports, but the evidence is there. Thus far, Sanders has yet to do as little as make a statement on this matter.

What Happened at the Iowa State Fair?

During Sanders’ attendance at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, he was surrounded by press members who naturally had tons of questions. At some point, one of Sanders staffers decided that being physical with the press was appropriate. This occurred when journalists and photographers were pushed out of the way in order to clear a path for Sanders.

One of the female press members who got pushed by a Sanders staffer was also heard angrily shouting the following:

“Do not put your hands on me! You keep pushing me!”

The Hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders

Time and time again, Bernie Sanders criticizes President Trump for the manner in which the latter has criticized the press.

Sanders claims that Trump shouldn’t call out fake news and other cases where the media is dishonest, yet Sanders has no problem with his own campaign staffers roughing up the press when its convenient. As previously stated, Sanders has yet to address what happened or even issue a public statement.

What does that say about how Bernie Sanders truly views reporters? Furthermore, imagine the outrage which would come from the left if one of Trump’s campaign staffers pushed a reporter out of the way in order to clear room for the president.

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