Sanders Slams Corporate Elite After Facing 'Poverty Wages' Campaign Scandal

Democrats have truly outdone themselves when it comes to this narrative that anyone with money is somehow evil and villainous. What the left-wing does when they’re attempting to divide America is classify various individuals as either oppressors or inherent victims.

This has become very effective for the Democrat Party, and when their hands are caught in the cookie jar, they point the finger at Republicans and cry racism. Truly, it’s gotten to be quite repetitive and boringly transparent to anyone who critically observes the various existing patterns and dynamics in politics.

On Sunday, 2020 presidential candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders continued this pattern. During a speech before New Hampshire town hall voters, Sanders bemoaned the “corporate elite,” as reported by Fox News. Sanders furthermore claimed that these so-called corporate elites ought to quickly spend their money because he will “rescind those taxes breaks” once he becomes the next president.

Reviewing Sanders’ Latest Hypocritical Rant

First and foremost, Sanders has less than a snowball’s chance in a fiery furnace of becoming the next president. Americans will never support a radical socialist in a general election. Secondly, his outrage towards the corporate elites is fascinating, considering Sanders’ own campaign scandal where workers alleged that he paid them “poverty wages” while calling for a national minimum wage increase.

After the significant backlash, Sanders agreed to pay his staffers $15.00 per hour…with the inevitable caveat of reducing their hours, in order to save himself money. ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ is truly the progressive way. Now, Sanders’ rage is directed towards those who he believes are somehow getting loads of free money from President Trump.

In Sanders’ own words:

“The first thing that we are going to tell them is that Trump and his friends may have given them over a trillion dollars in tax breaks, but they had better spend that money quick. We are going to rescind those tax breaks as soon as we get into office.”

The Real World vs. The Progressive Narrative

Democrats have truly managed to convince a subsection of America that President Trump’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has simply funneled money to corporate elites. The reality is that GOP tax reform has aided American workers, something which Democrats don’t want to admit for obvious political reasons.

Paying less in taxes and seeing more money in their paychecks is something which has happened for countless workers because of the president. When Sanders talks about various corporations benefiting from Republican tax reform, what he won’t talk about is the reality that wages have skyrocketed for American workers.

How long will Bernie Sanders’ words continue to conflict with his actions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!