Sanders Slammed for Being a Communist

Bernie Sanders’ political views are very well-known to anyone who has been following politics for some time. As a politician, Sanders has embraced socialism and definitely let the American people know where he stands.

At this time, Sanders is running for office and is predictably supportive of various far-left policies. These policies include, but are not restricted to, the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, decriminalizing illegal immigration, giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants, raising taxes on the middle class, etc.

On Friday, the self-proclaimed socialist took heat after criticizing the national security advice of Rep. Liz Cheney, as documented by Fox News. Sanders’ censure resulted in Cheney hitting back, stating that Sanders’ communist ideals are the true reasons behind his aforementioned criticism.

What Happened?

The issues began when Cheney posted a tweet which censured 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren for gambling with the lives of American citizens and cities. The representative posted the tweet on Wednesday morning, hours after Warren’s participation in the second Democrat primary debate. For some unknown reason, Sanders decided to chime in with his own two-cent about why Cheney shouldn’t be offering national security advice.

Cheney subsequently fired back, slamming Sanders as a communist who doesn’t mind seeing the United States face nuclear attacks:

Sanders and Cheney have previously gone back and forth with one another on policy matters. Earlier this year, Sanders attacked the representative for censuring socialism. According to Sanders, socialism didn’t “[lie] about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and [get] us into a horrific war that we should never have started.”

Throwing Stones in Glass House

As it currently stands, Bernie Sanders is in no position whatsoever to give out political advice. This is someone who supports policies which would devastate the U.S. economy and drive America into the ground. Sanders doesn’t even understand how to help the middle class he professes to care for; what makes him of sound enough mind to be weighing in on foreign policy? Radically far left policies always result in destruction and ruin.

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