Sanders Loses Second Place to Warren in Polls

For weeks, Bernie Sanders maintained his position as the second place candidate amongst Democrat voters. However, that has now changed.

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently reported that Sanders is now four percentage points behind Elizabeth Warren, placing him at the third place position amongst left-wing voters.

Why is Warren Now Ahead of Sanders?

Like many Democrats, Warren has been outspoken in the media about the various reforms which she would enact if she became president of the United States. Of course, virtually all of Warren’s proposals rely upon big government and increasing the taxes of hardworking Americans, but Democrats love it!

The proposals which Warren has been most in favor of in recent weeks include surging taxes on businesses which earn more than $100 million dollars, dismantling various big tech companies (despite using these companies for her own political gain), and the enactment of a “universal” plan for childcare. Many Americans who are not radical left-wingers have called out Warren for the extremities of what she is proposing.

With Warren having taken Sanders’ second place position, the two will likely battle it out as the “progressive” candidates. While there are other Democrats, aside from Biden who remains the frontrunner, they are barely treading water and hardly gaining any press coverage. Many of the Democrat candidates still have yet to fulfill the criteria to earn a spot on the primary debate stage.

Which Democrat Will Get the Nomination?

Only time will tell whether or not Biden, Warren or Sanders goes on to win the nomination to represent the Democrat Party. However, the polls and support from Democrat voters appear to indicate that the nominee will be one of the leading three candidates.

As the primary elections continue, Democrats will have to decide whether or not they want a more moderate Biden or a radical progressive like Warren or Sanders to represent their party in the general election.

Which Democrat do you think President Trump will go on to beat in the upcoming 2020 presidential election? Let us know in the comments section below!