Sanders Declares War Against Gun Owners and Guns

Virtually everyone in America knows that Bernie Sanders is running to become the next president of the United States. Sanders has a long history of embracing radically, far-left policies which even make certain Democrats cringe. Since entering into the 2020 presidential election, Sanders has persisted with his trend of pushing for socialism. Some of his most socialist policies to date include the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All and providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants, at the expense of the middle class.

During last night’s Democrat debate, Sanders further went down the socialist rabbit hole. By his own admission, Sanders strives to “take on the NRA” and do everything in his power to reduce the legal means to access guns. Breitbart News reports the detailed plan which Sanders laid out, a plan designed to crack down on lawful gun ownership in the United States of America.

Sanders on the NRA and Gun Ownership in America

Per Sanders’ own admission, his D- rating with the NRA will probably reach an F, in the event that he is elected to become the 46th president of the United States. When Sanders proudly declared his plan to crack down on gun ownership, he mentioned the establishment of background checks and ending straw purchase…amongst other things.

Americans who are familiar with gun laws know that background checks are already well in effect while straw purchases are already prohibited. It seems as though Sanders should do some research before spouting off about various policies. Nevertheless, his statements on this matter read as follows:

“I will do everything I can not only to take on the NRA, but expand and create universal background checks, do away with the straw man provision, do away with the gun show loophole, and do away with the loopholes that now exist for gun manufacturers who are selling large amounts of weapons into communities that are going to gangs.”

The Progressive War on Gun Owners

Progressive Democrats continue to articulate their interests in reducing the liberties of lawful gun owners. Now, they’ll claim, “we’re not trying to take your guns,” yet their policies prove precisely the opposite. The obsession which the left wing has of “taking on the NRA” speaks volumes.

The NRA is a decorated organization that has consistently fought for the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners in this country. Not a single member of the NRA has ever committed a public shooting, but whenever someone uses a gun for nefarious deeds, somehow progressives immediately vilify the NRA.

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