Sanders Continues Losing Streak in Primaries

Yesterday marked yet another Tuesday evening of primary elections. While President Trump managed to secure enough delegates to cement himself, Democrats are still battling it out amongst themselves.

At this time, three candidates remain in the Democrat primary race. Those candidates are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard. Thus far, Gabbard’s number of delegates is listed at two, while Sanders and Biden come in at 861 and 1,147. Yesterday only marked the further divide between Biden and the other remaining contenders.

Fox News now reports that Biden’s victories last night dealt a significant blow to Sanders who has repeatedly failed to keep up.

Another Unsuccessful Tuesday

Sanders is forced to contend with yet another unsuccessful Tuesday, seeing as Biden picked up wins and delegates in Illinois, Florida, and Arizona. What’s more is the continued pattern of Sanders failing to secure enough victories and delegates to put him in the best position to win the Democrat Party’s nomination.

With a third failed Tuesday in a row and only a greater gap between himself and Biden, it’s time for Sanders to seriously consider whether or not he wants to stay in this race. At this point, the socialist senator has virtually no chance of winning his party’s nomination; if Sanders believes otherwise after Biden picking up more states and delegates, then he simply isn’t being honest with himself.

Why is Sanders Losing So Badly?

While there are several factors playing a role in Sanders’ failure to win the primary election, two factors are most important of all.

The DNC’s collusion for Biden behind the scenes has made a significant difference, as has Sanders’ refusal to effectively go after the former vice president and his plethora of gaffes, poor treatment of voters, etc. The Vermont senator previously declared that he wouldn’t stoop to a level of “personal attacks” against Biden in this election.

While Biden and the DNC play hardball, Sanders is treating the election with kid gloves and failing to call out obvious, serious flaws of the former vice president. This is why Biden will win the nomination, whereas Sanders will suffer yet another primary election loss and be left wondering what happened.

What do you think about Sanders’ major loss yesterday? Do you believe he should suspend his campaign for president of the United States? Let us know in the comments section below!