Sanders Claims Biden Wants to "Buy" 2020 Election

It truly appears as though higher-ups within the Democrat Party do not want Bernie Sanders to become the next president or win the nomination to represent their party in a general election. Americans witnessed this during the 2016 presidential election when the DNC handed superdelegates to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter, thus barring Sanders from winning the Democrat Party’s nomination to run against President Trump.

Now, it seems as though Sanders is facing a similar situation during the 2020 presidential election; only this time, Joe Biden is the “Hillary Clinton” of 2020. The Washington Examiner reports that Sanders recently sent out an email to his supporters; in this email, Sanders accuses Biden of attempting to “buy” the 2020 presidential election via support from wealthy donors.

Why Does Sanders Think Biden is Trying to Buy a 2020 Victory?

In essence, Sanders’ concerns stem from a New York Times article which notes that Biden’s allies may purchase a Super PAC to help the former vice president in the nearby future. If true, this PAC would come after multiple errors and verbal blunders from Biden. Therefore, Sanders believes that this PAC will once again put a damper on his political ambitions to run against President Trump.

Excerpts from Sanders’ email to his supporters read as follows:

“It should not be a surprise that wealthy donors of the political establishment are trying to buy this election. Now we need to be ready for when they do. […] Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to promote or attack candidates. They are a threat to our democracy and frankly, they are a threat to our campaign and our hopes to transform our country.”

The Fix is In

Bernie Sanders has consistently maintained his position in second-place or third-place amongst Democrat voters, but it might not matter. Biden, with all of his gaffes and blunders, just may manage to weasel his way into the Democrat nomination, especially if he has wealthy friends in high places who are willing to help get him there.

As to be expected, Biden has not publicly confirmed whether or not his allies are going to launch a Super PAC in order to aid his presidential campaign. This isn’t shocking, seeing as Hillary Clinton also didn’t announce that she had DNC allies who worked very hard behind the scenes to ensure that she won her party’s nomination.

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