Sanders Campaign Hits Biden: Americans Want Change, Not "Status Quo!"

Over the course of the 2020 presidential election, various Democrat candidates have chimed in with their opinions of various contenders. Of course, due to the competitive nature of an election, these opinions have been largely negative with each candidate working to prove why they are worthy to win their party’s nomination. As time passes, the stakes get higher and higher as candidates need to meet certain criteria in order to realistically have a shot at the Democrat nomination.

Just yesterday, Sanders campaign co-chair Ro Khanna weighed in on Joe Biden. Over the past few weeks, Biden’s campaign has been defaced by countless gaffes, despite his team’s attempt to brand him as the most electable Democrat. Fox News documents that Khanna weighed in on Biden as a candidate, even offering praise, but ultimately maintained that Americans are no longer interested in voting for the “status quo.”

A Closer Look at Khanna’s Statements on Biden

According to Sanders’ campaign co-chair, Biden’s longtime political career won’t be enough to get him past the finish line. Khanna also opined that the former vice president most likely regrets asking voters to imagine if Obama were assassinated in 2008; Biden has made a series of blunders in recent weeks, something which many Americans believe will hurt him in this election.

Khanna’s take on Biden as a presidential candidate reads as follows:

“The vice president has had a distinguished career in public service, but I think at the end of the day, the Democratic Party is going to vote for change. They’re going to say we don’t want to go back to the status quo; we want to elect someone who understands that a lot of people have been left behind and has a new vision for how we’re going to address that.”

What Americans Really Want…

Every running Democrat seems to believe that they’ve cracked the secret code of what Americans want. What they haven’t yet decoded is the reality that people in this country want access to upward mobility. This is something which Democrats stand in the way of each and every time they push for policies which expand government in people’s lives.

After all this time, the left-wing still hasn’t come to the realization that bigger and stronger government is not the answer; their ignorance on this critical point is more than apparent in leftist support for Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, more gun control, raising taxes on the middle class, etc. This is precisely why the Democrat Party will continue to lose election after election after election.

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