Sanders and Harris Clash Over Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental issue for Democrats in the 2020 presidential election. Right now, there’s a divide in the Democrat Party on this issue; certain candidates favor a complete overhaul and the introduction of Medicare-for-All, whereas others want to expand upon Obamacare. Now, while both of these plans are terrible, left-wing candidates continue to battle one another, claiming that their plans are superior to the other.

Right now, candidates Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris are in the middle of a dispute over healthcare. For quite some time now, Sanders has stood by his terrible support for Medicare-for-All, despite the reality that this would raise taxes on the middle class and decrease the quality of provided care. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, previously championed Medicare-for-All, but later backtracked. Now, Harris maintains that she’s not “comfortable” with Sanders’ healthcare stance.

Sanders had some choice words for Harris in response to this statement, as documented by Fox News.

Sanders vs. Harris on Healthcare in America

This past weekend, Kamala Harris visited the Hamptons in order to generate support for her campaign. During this time, Harris informed her audience that she didn’t feel comfortable with Sanders’ position on healthcare; it’s important to note that Harris’ alleged discomfort comes after her previous co-sponsorship of the bill. She’s also previously taken criticism for failing to clearly communicate her precise stance on healthcare.

Sanders didn’t take too kindly to what Harris had to say while campaigning in the Hamptons. The self-proclaimed socialist therefore went on Twitter to reaffirm his support for Medicare-for-All:

Thus far, Harris has not directly responded to Sanders.

Smoke and Mirrors

Democrats may be duking it out with one another, but Americans shouldn’t get confused. No matter how much infighting happens on the left-wing, their policies are still terrible. Collectively, Democrats want to either boot Americans off their private healthcare and ram Medicare-for-All through government or bring back Obamacare and the dreadful individual mandate.

Each of these plans is abysmal and Democrats persist, despite Americans who have stated that they don’t want politicians messing with their healthcare. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris may be arguing with one another, but ultimately, neither candidate is going to win a general election with Medicare-for-All or a revival of Obamacare.

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