Sanders Admits Plan to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Last night, Bernie Sanders joined the second half of Democrat candidates who participated in the first primary debate. Sanders appeared on stage as the third-place candidate, a notable drop from his previous position in second-place to frontrunner Joe Biden.

During the time which Sanders was able to speak, he delivered an admission which many Americans have known for quite some time, as documented by Breitbart News.

Quite frankly, Sanders’ admission shouldn’t really come as a shock to people who understand basic economics; however, there will still inevitably be certain individuals who are floored by what Sanders had to say.

Sanders’ Plan to Tax Middle America

The socialist outrightly stated that American taxpayers will lose money if Democrats get their way and manage to ram Medicare-for-All through government. This is a far cry from the “free healthcare” shtick which Democrats have been attempting to promote and sell to the people of this nation. Still, the reality came straight from the horse’s mouth last night.

In Sanders’ own words:

“People who have health care under Medicare-For-All will have no premiums, no deductibles and copayments and no out of pockets. Yes, they will pay more in taxes and less in health care for what they get.”

No Free Lunches in Life

It is good that Sanders finally admitted that Medicare-for-All is not free and will never be free. The people of this country will wind up paying for it via taxes and losing money which they could otherwise save for a rainy day or use to cover bills.

The same principle applies to so-called free college and Democrats who are talking about completely erasing the $1.6 trillion dollars worth of student debt that so many Americans are burdened with.

Free healthcare, free college, complete absolution from student loan debt, etc is simply not how the world works. Democrat voters truly need to think long and hard about whether or not they want to lose massive amounts of their earnings to fund all these big government programs which Democrats are pushing for.

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