Sanctuary Policies Protected a California Cop's Killer — Democrats Need to Wake Up!

The stark disagreements which conservatives and progressives hold regarding immigration reform are no secret to anyone who has been paying attention to U.S. politics. Although there are many subsections in the ongoing immigration debate, sanctuary cities serve as a hot-button, yet relevant matter, as cited by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Tragedy of Sanctuary Cities

California is very well-known as a liberal state which favors sanctuary cities and harbors illegal immigrants. This lax stance on immigration and law and order has subsequently prompted widespread criticism from many conservatives and Republicans. Individuals who lean right-of-center often warn of the dangers which follow when illegal immigrants are given passes for breaking into America.
Time and time again, conservatives are proven right. Due to the policies which exist within sanctuary cities, yet another life has been senselessly lost; this time, that life just so happened to belong to California police officer Ronil Singh. Singh died after being shot by an illegal immigrant who also maintained gang ties and criminal history. Were it not for the existence of sanctuary cities, Singh would still be alive today.

Sanctuary Cities in America

Many Democrats have a tendency to put illegal immigrants on a moral pedestal. It is because of this pedestal that the left overwhelmingly believes that people who sneak across the country are inherently entitled to asylum in America. No matter how many lives are lost because of illegal immigration, Democrats continue to stand by their positions that people who break into the states are simply poor, disadvantaged, and helplessly trying to escape circumstances beyond their control.
Ultimately, the truth of the matter is this: personal plights do not excuse trekking to the Southern border and breaching the immigration laws of the United States. So long as Democrats continue to aid and abet known criminals, more lives will be lost because of illegal immigration.
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