San Francisco Dealing With “Unprecedented” Police Shortage

After years of calls for the city’s police force to be defunded, San Francisco seems to have finally turned around; they’re now begging for assistance from the government, due to unprecedented shortages in the SFPD.

It was almost three years ago when woke Mayor London Breed decided to echo the demands of Democrats across the nation, ultimately announcing a plan to defund San Francisco’s police, which backfired almost immediately.

San Francisco is a testament to all of the liberals’ failures

In an attempt to save face, Mayor Breed actually reversed the budget cuts, but the damage had already been done. The city became a lair of crime, riddled with filth and open-air drug markets that are now impossible to deal with.

The city’s residents first tried to get help from District Attorney Chesa Boudin, infamous for being funded by the woke mob’s leader, George Soros.

Much to their dismay, Boudin’s work has done little to actually deal with the growing issue. Breed has finally thrown in the towel, asking the federal government for help.

In a letter she’d sent to California’s latest attorney, Ismail J. Ramsey, she demanded reinforcements for San Francisco’s police force, as they’re absolutely necessary for dealing with high crime rates and the drug markets that popped up.

San Francisco was a beautiful city once, but now it looks like a Los Angeles neighborhood, plagued by criminals, drug abusers, and the homeless.

The numbers don’t lie

According to Breed, the current scale of the problem is beyond the city’s current policing capacities.

A meeting will be held to discuss the San Francisco mayor’s concerns; although it’s hard to imagine she’ll be saying anything of substance, seeing as she’s the main culprit behind what the city’s experiencing right now.

Michael Shellenberger, a journalist, spoke up on the matter, explaining that when he’d published his book “San Fransicko” back in 2021 calling for more policing in the city, he’d been denounced repeatedly for spreading misinformation.

However, now that the city mayor is doing it, no one’s laughing at her.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.