Ron DeSantis Passes on Invitation to Appear on The View

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has soared to major popularity within the past two years. As it turns out, his approach to upholding individual rights amid COVID-19 remains much appreciated by many Americans.

Under DeSantis’ leadership, Florida’s seen ongoing influxes of new residents moving in and making the state home. On top of this, the governor’s received praise for refusing to bow to left-wing pressure demanding mandates and infringements on people’s liberties.

However, despite many fans of the Florida governor, his detractors have also made their opinions known as well. Many DeSantis haters accuse him of being a bigot, a fascist, and otherwise dangerous.

The left-wing show known as The View has frequently made these claims about the Florida governor. Yet, not too long ago, the show also asked DeSantis to appear as a guest.

The Florida governor promptly declined this offer, as confirmed by Newsmax.

No Deal For The View

Producers of The View claimed that its hosts would feel “honored” to have DeSantis on the platform; however, this doesn’t mesh with comments that Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and others have routinely made when discussing DeSantis.

For this reason, the Florida governor’s team made it clear that he wouldn’t be appearing on the show. DeSantis’ team also quoted various statements from co-hosts of The View that conflict with the claim they would feel “honored” to have him on.

The View likewise maintains a history of having various Republicans on the show, only to treat them with ranging degrees of hostility. There’s no reason to believe DeSantis would be treated fairly on the show, especially given the past rhetoric of the co-hosts.

If anything, some Americans have suggested The View only asked DeSantis on for ratings, rather than genuine interest in hearing him discuss his work to defend freedom, parental rights, education, and more.

Better Luck Next Time?

If The View is truly interested in having Republicans on its program, it might consider not bashing the GOP and its members at every turn.

There was a time when The View didn’t harbor outright bias against Republicans or anyone who’s right-of-center on the political spectrum. However, those days are long gone.

Various aides for DeSantis made it clear that he will continue working on behalf of the people in Florida. The reality is the GOP governor doesn’t need to appear on The View to boost his profile or better his standing.

Whether or not the same can be said about The View and its ratings remains questionable, at best.

Are you surprised that The View asked Governor DeSantis to appear on the show? Do you think the Florida governor was right to turn down the offer? Let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.