Ron DeSantis is Now Running For President

Wednesday, May 24 was a pretty big day in American politics.

News broke that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis formally filed the necessary paperwork with the FEC in order to commence his run for president. This development followed after months of talk that DeSantis would be campaigning for the White House after the Florida special session wrapped up.

Hours after DeSantis filed the mandatory FEC paperwork, he also kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign. According to CBS News, the announcement was anything but standard or typical.

The Start of DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential Campaign

News broke on Wednesday that the Florida governor would be using Twitter Spaces to declare himself as a presidential candidate in the race.

Though with hundreds of thousands of online users clamoring to join the Space, the heavy traffic led to it crashing and having to be rebooted.

When DeSantis spoke with Twitter owner Elon Musk in the Space, he clearly laid out his agenda as a 2024 presidential candidate. This agenda entails bettering the economy, lowering crime, getting control of the southern border, and making the United States energy independent once more.

In addition to his announcement on Twitter Spaces, DeSantis likewise released a video broadcasting his presidential campaign. It is here that he informed the public of his decision to campaign to lead our country’s “Great American Comeback.”

Game On

DeSantis’ presidential run has been highly anticipated for months on end. Many conservatives and leftists alike wondered if he’d be campaigning for office.

Also, the media would often ask DeSantis if he had presidential aspirations. The Florida governor was likewise long billed as the most formidable threat to former President Trump getting the 2024 GOP nomination.

With DeSantis in the presidential election as of Wednesday, the 2024 race just took a new turn that many Americans are going to be eager to see play out.