RNC Chairwoman Unleashes on Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates

One week ago today, Joe Biden stood before the nation and announced a coronavirus vaccine mandate for businesses across America. Biden professed that American businesses employing more than 100 individuals have to either force the COVID vaccine on their workers or implement weekly testing.

It’s important to note that this mandate from Biden came after he and members of his White House professed months back that they weren’t planning on implementing COVID vaccine mandates.

Nevertheless, many Republicans and business community members maintain that what President Biden is trying to do is beyond his legal and constitutional bounds. This is why lawsuits against the Democrat president have already commenced and many more are on the way.

Furthermore, Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is now calling out Biden’s work to implement nationwide COVID vaccine mandates, as captured by Newsmax.

The RNC Chairwoman on Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

In McDaniel’s piece, she explained that the unconstitutional mandates Biden is pushing regarding the COVID vaccine will significantly harm businesses, especially small businesses. This harm will come at a time when these establishments are just bouncing back from shutdowns, capacity restrictions, etc.

The RNC chairwoman furthermore noted the extent to which President Biden is working to turn Americans against each other. Biden did this one week ago when he snarled at unvaccinated people and professed that “patience” with folks who won’t get the jab is running out.

McDaniel later noted that while she herself is “pro-vaccine,” she also remains “anti-mandate.” The RNC chairwoman shortly thereafter remarked that an RNC lawsuit will follow the moment Biden’s mandate onto U.S. businesses goes into action.

Like many others, McDaniel maintains that this is an unconstitutional mandate that Biden does not have the authority to force through.

Putting Biden and Democrats on Notice

Biden isn’t the only one facing lawsuits over trying to implement an unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate. Recently, a federal judge in New York determined that the state could not remove religious exemptions from its COVID vaccine mandate.

This ruling came after healthcare workers sued the state over the COVID vaccine requirement and the absence of religious exemptions. Nationwide, Americans are standing up and saying no to forced vaccination.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals being injected into the human body, each human has the right to make the call for themselves. If we get to a point where people can be forced by the government into taking a vaccine (or any medical procedure that they do not want), then freedom, individual autonomy, and human rights, in general, are no more.

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