Rise of Shoplifting Triggers Mass Business Closures in Philadelphia

These days, running a business is getting harder and harder.

For one thing, everything is more expensive than it used to be. Businesses are having to spend more money on inventory, overhead costs, and other elements that come along with entrepreneurship.

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Even big businesses like Netflix, Walmart, and Target are taking some hard hits. Netflix recently laid off workers due to profit losses; meanwhile, Walmart and Target have incurred serious declines in their stocks.

Unfortunately, other problems facing the nation aren’t making it any easier to run a business. In Philadelphia, for instance, many businesses are shutting up shop entirely amid mass shoplifting, according to Fox Business.

Terrible News Out of Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shoplifting is so out of control that many establishment owners are deciding that it’s simply not worth it.

This has created a situation where convenience stores, pharmacies, and other locations are just closing their doors forever.

In some of the worst accounts of shoplifting, people are walking into these businesses, openly announcing their intentions to steal, and then running off with goods.

Business owners in the community are scared that situations like this will escalate, eventually getting someone severely hurt, if not killed.

Unfortunately, these incidents are not merely isolated to Philadelphia. In other cities across America, such as San Francisco and New York City, business owners are making similar choices to relocate their venues, due to repeated run-ins with shoplifters.

For some business owners, having folks consistently walk in and just take items off the shelves without paying causes them to incur too much of a loss. When this occurs on a consistent basis, it makes running the business not even worth it.

Bad News For Communities

It goes without saying that businesses play a vital role in communities across the country. They offer not just jobs, but also various services and resources that people are in need of.

With jobs and businesses leaving communities, this increases the likelihood of folks in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and other affected cities falling into higher rates of poverty.

A deeper descent into poverty comes at a time when the nation is possibly looking at a recession within months. It also comes as living expenses are increasing with no clear sign of this stopping anytime soon.

Communities across the nation would do well to enact policies that truly crack down against crime. Otherwise, everyday people with the most to lose will continue to suffer unnecessarily.

What do you think about reports that Philaephia business owners are shutting down as shoplifting continues to spread like wildfire? Do you think the city will ever be able to come back from this? Please be sure to sound off with your takeaways below.