Rich, Democrat Martha’s Vineyard Disposes of Illegal Immigrants in Less Than 48 Hours

(Social media video snapshot)

The affluent, Democrat-voting community of Martha’s Vineyard had 50 illegal immigrants shipped there by Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis removed in under 48 hours.

Abbott, DeSantis Exposed Big-Time Democratic Hypocrisy

Instead of rushing to house the migrants, the Martha’s Vineyard community declared a “humanitarian crisis,” turning into a laughingstock in the eyes of the entire nation.

That occurred against the backdrop of southern border communities inundated by the tsunami of invading illegals.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was the first to start shipping illegals to Democrat-run communities, such as New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago – only to be met with a barrage of outrage by otherwise pro-illegal immigration local authorities.

His flying of 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard led Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis to follow in the footsteps of his Texas counterpart.

The shipping of the immigrant invaders is supposed to both raise national awareness about the border disaster and relieve the burden on the border communities.

More than five million illegal immigrants already invaded the United States in the 19 months since Biden occupied the White House and abruptly ended Trump-era immigration reforms.

(Social media video snapshot)

Kicked Out of Rich Democratic Enclave

Barely a day after the seemingly cold response of the local public to the arrival of the illegals on Martha’s Vineyard, videos emerged on social media, showing the aliens getting removed from the island.

The illegals were loaded on two buses and shipped away to the care of the US military at Joint Base Cape Cod. 125 US National Guard soldiers were put on alert in order to assist the newcomers.

Douthat wrote on Twitter that illegals got shipped off to Martha’s Vineyard precisely in order to “provoke” the “huge mobilization” of the National Guard, while a “far large influx” at the southern border has been ignored.

Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s eldest son, tweeted the “libs” managed to “kick out” the illegals on Martha’s Vineyard in “less than 24 hours,” while Biden refuses to “lift a finger” in order to deport the millions of aliens coming through the US-Mexican border.

YouTuber Tim Pool commented on Twitter that Florida’s governor “really exposed these hypocrites.” “In the end, the left wing and its elite anthem is just another example of false posturing that is characterized by next-level duplicity,” he added.

Lawyer A.J. Delgado declared the kicking off of the migrants to be “unfreakingbelievable,” wondering whatever happened to all the “virtue-signaling posts” about helping illegals.

Monica Crowley, a former official of the Trump administration, stated the illegals are “someone else’s problem now.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in turn, blasted Martha’s Vineyard – the “wealthy sanctuary enclave” – for its hypocrisy, as the left-wing elite class rushed to remove the illegals in “48 hours,” while preaching about the need to help them.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.