RFK: “I Will Persecute Officials Who Committed Crimes During COVID”

In Boston, Massachusetts, last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. declared he would be running for president of the United States of America.

RFK Will Run for President

RFK said he had gone there to officially declare he will be running for the Democratic nomination for president of the USA.

During his statement, RFK said throughout the next 18 months of this presidential campaign, as well as his presidency, it will be his primary objective to put a stop to the corrupt fusion of state and business influence.

This threatens to enforce a brand-new form of corporate feudalism in the United States. It can commoditize youngsters with the splendor of the purple mountain, while chemically and pharmaceutically harming our people.

This can also deplete our resources and erode the middle class and keep Americans in a perpetual state of war.

RFK has since promised to bring charges against anyone in government who committed a crime during the worldwide epidemic in a slew of tweets.

He said on Twitter that the disastrous public health effects of their COVID policies are now becoming clear through prominent figures like Anthony Fauci. There are many people who are upset about the regulations, lockdowns and censorship, and craziness.

Though rather than becoming mired in a toxic web of retaliation and shame, it’s time to concentrate on making sure this never occurs again.

Get the wealth of corporations out of the healthcare system, cleanse the regulatory institutions, and ensure that public and scientific conversation is free, open, and unfiltered.

Officials who violated the general public’s confidence must, obviously, be removed from office. They will lose their jobs and his attorney general will investigate any violations of the law.

RFK Against Corporate Corruption

He said to clarify, he will bring charges against any official who committed a crime while the pandemic was raging. All regulatory agencies must be free of corporate control in order for them to genuinely serve the public.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.