Residents Taking Legal Action Against Migrants Using Local High School as a Shelter

With the border crisis spiraling out of control ever since Joe Biden was signed into office, authorities are at a wit’s end when it comes to housing these illegal aliens who keep flowing into the country.

In response to the rapid growth of the number of illegals in the area, South Shore administrators have proposed housing the immigrants on former high school grounds, much to the dismay of the residents in the area.

Every city is turning into NYC

In fact, legal action has already been taken to prevent this from happening.

Hundreds of hard-working Americans have banded together to prevent the city of Chicago from opening a migrant respite center where the South Shore High School once was.

The neighborhood’s residents have argued using the high school for a migrant center would be in clear violation of the property’s lease, adding the lack of input from the residents of the community caused a severe amount of distress.

That being said, Mayor Lori Lightfoot seems dead-set on turning this small community into a migrant infestation. She has continued touting the administration’s plans for the area, outlining the applications of the migrant center.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice all these woke mayors who claimed to be accepting immigrants with open arms are slowly moving them out to less urban areas around the city.

South Shore residents silenced for years

Naturally, the residents of South Shore had different plans for the abandoned school grounds; there have been talks of turning it into a community hub for years, albeit with next to no results.

One could easily blame this on the lack of determination from the residents of the community, but at least some form of feedback should’ve been procured before forcing such a radical idea on the members of a suburban neighborhood.

If the plan does go through, illegal immigrants will soon begin spilling out of the center and onto South Shore streets, putting the lives of the residents in danger and driving down property prices by a margin.

City officials didn’t offer any info on how long they’re planning to keep the illegal immigrants in the area; although they did clarify the immigration relief application process can take a while.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.