Republicans Slam Biden’s Denial of Dismal September 2021 Jobs Report


The president of the United States is lying to himself and he’s lying to America. Biden keeps saying he’s building back better and making the nation better; however, all he’s doing is destroying America and making things worse.

Last month’s jobs report showed that the United States added a fraction of the jobs economic specialists anticipated. This is horrific news and even liberal media outlets (such as CNN) are acknowledging the report of September’s economic progress isn’t good.

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Inflation is still through the roof; meanwhile, staffing shortages are mounting, leading to service cancellations and a harder time finding certain goods and resources.

Amid all this calamity, President Biden is in deep, dangerous denial. He’s acting like the September jobs report is a good thing. As Fox Business makes note of, Republicans are all too eager to make this president face the reality of what he’s done.

Restoring Some Sense into a Delusional President

Sens. Lindsey Graham and John Barrasso didn’t hesitate to note the extent to which Biden has wrecked the American economy. Both lawmakers explained the president’s policies, taxes, and spending are hurting jobs and the economy.

GOP Sen. Tim Scott furthermore noted that Biden’s mandates are worsening issues that already exist in the economy. The Republican lawmaker told Fox Business issuing mandates that drive people out of the workforce, while also paying Americans (via government benefits) to remain jobless, are reasons for last month’s terrible jobs report.

Right now, jobs in the United States are five million fewer than they were prior to COVID. Still, Biden is trying to con the nation into thinking that last month’s jobs report amounts to “consistent” progress.

Meanwhile, additional GOP lawmakers like Sens. Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley know better. Both Republicans declared that Biden must get Americans back to work, stop paying people not to work, and revoke his COVID vaccine mandates that lead to labor shortages.

Fighting Back Against a Rogue President

The September 2021 jobs report is all the more reason why it’s absolutely vital for Republicans to win the midterm elections in 2022. Republicans need to be in the best possible position to fight back against this rogue president.

With power and majorities in Congress, the GOP can say NO to Biden’s radical, communist agenda. They can stop more bad bills from becoming law and at least give workers, small businesses, and others in America a fighting chance.

Left unchecked, Biden will completely run this country into the ground, all while claiming that progress and building back better is happening. It’s time for some real changes to come about.

What do you think about the findings from last month’s jobs report? Let us know your ideas in the area for comments down below.