Republicans Predict Major GOP Wins in 2022 Midterms

As Americans now know, the Virginia gubernatorial race went in the favor of Republicans on Tuesday. Glenn Youngkin is now the governor-elect of the commonwealth and will be sworn into office within months.

Virginia’s been largely heralded as a bellwether for what’s to come in America’s future elections. Many Republicans have branded Youngkin’s win as a sign of the nation rejecting the Democrats’ agenda and Biden’s presidency as a whole.

Amid the outcome of the governor’s race in Virginia, many Republicans are projecting future wins to come for their party. This is something House Minority Whip Steve Scalise delved into during a recent sit-down with Newsmax.

Scalise on Future Wins to Come for the Republican Party

While speaking with Newsmax, Scalise explained Republicans are deeply focused on stopping Democrats from hurting Americans and completely ripping the nation to shreds.

Furthermore, the House Minority Whip went on to predict the GOP will win as many as 63 congressional seats during next year’s midterms. Scalise continued, explaining President Biden and Speaker Pelosi don’t have any regard for Americans.

Instead, Biden and Pelosi are just interested in forcing through spending bills amounting to trillions, even as most Americans urge putting a lid on spending. Scalise also pointed out that as Democrats are ignoring the wishes of the American public, Republicans are raising funds for the 2022 midterms and going to bat for the country.

Finally, Scalise weighed in on the outcome of Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia. Scalise stated the defeat of Terry McAuliffe ought to be a warning to Democrats who are backing the massively expensive agenda of Biden and Pelosi.

An Accurate Prediction?

Based on how Democrats are responding to their loss in Virginia this week, Scalise’s prediction seems quite accurate. Already, Democrats like Biden and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez are saying McAuliffe lost because the political left hasn’t gone far enough in their agenda.

Other Democrats are screaming that Youngkin’s win boils down to white supremacy and racism in the United States. Time and time again, Democrats fail to see any errors in their ways or any mistakes they’re making; instead, the leftist response is just to double down and dig in their heels.

The midterms, quite frankly, are not looking good for Democrats. Many leftist lawmakers in the House of Representatives are not seeking re-election; regarding Senate races, Biden’s approval ratings are significantly down in states that are going to play a vital role in who wins the Senate next year.

At the rate things are doing now, Republicans are extremely well-positoned to win dozens of seats, thereby flipping Congress red.

Do you think Republicans are going to manage to win back the Senate and House during the 2022 midterms? We want to read about your perspective below.