Republicans Gearing up to Take on Vaccine Passports Ahead of 2022 Midterm Races

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As the 2022 midterm elections get closer, there are many matters of contention. Immigration reform and getting children back into classrooms are just a couple of examples; however, a new subject matter that will undoubtedly have an impact involves vaccine passports. 

Right now, Democrats are advocating for vaccine passports and even implementing them in blue states. Democrats furthermore see no issues with the private sector being able to demand that individuals show proof of coronavirus vaccination before participating in society. 

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Republicans, by contrast, are able to see mandatory vaccine passports as the government overreach, privacy violations, and control tools that they are. Therefore, this is why the GOP has come out against vaccine passports and will continue warning of the dangers ahead of 2022 midterms, reports Newsmax

Republicans Against Mandatory Vaccine Passports

In 2022, the GOP will have a very strong chance of taking back the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Both of these bodies are narrowly controlled by Democrats; therefore, part of the Republican strategy shall involve warning about the privacy violations and government control over personal lives that vaccine passports would enable if made mandatory. 

Republican strategists remain well aware of the considerable unpopularity associated with requirements for Americans to carry vaccine passports with them. Even many Americans who received the COVID-19 are not supportive of mandatory vaccine passports; hence, this issue is one that Republicans will campaign on to win back control of Congress. 

A Make or Break for America

The 2022 midterm races will ultimately turn out to be a make or break for the United States.

With Democrats in control of the House and the Senate, they have a lot of leeway to pass legislation without supportive votes from Republican lawmakers. The one thing standing in the way of Democrats’ most radical legislation is the Senate filibuster; although, there are already considerable calls on the left to eliminate the filibuster altogether. 

Multiple GOP congressional committees have indicated a gameplan to win back the House by focusing on the most relevant districts. A GOP back in control of even one congressional chamber could mean the difference between bills like H.R. 1, the PRO Act, etc., either passing or being stopped in their tracks. 

In the case of vaccine passports, however, there is a very real possibility that Democrats overplayed their hand. 

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