Republicans Gearing Up for the 2022 Midterm Elections


With Americans getting closer to the halfway point of this month, the midterms are not as far away as they may seem. There’s a lot riding on this year’s congressional races, after all.

These elections will have monumental effects on the United States of America and its future. They’ll determine whether the Biden administration is able to pass more disastrous spending packages that drive up inflation, causing further problems for individuals and businesses.

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Right now, Democrats are enjoying a power monopoly within the US federal government. Yet, all they have to show for it are inflation, rising national debt, mass drug problems at the southern border, a supply chain crisis, and other issues.

It is for these reasons that Republicans are gearing up to take back the House and Senate during November’s midterm elections, as reported by Fox Business.

What Will be Front and Center During the 2022 Midterms?

The currently dismal state of the economy is a matter that Republicans are focusing on as we approach the midterms in November. Right now, people are struggling to fight against inflation as their money dwindles, due to higher costs across the board.

Since the inception of inflation, neither the Biden administration, nor the Democrat Party, has put out a comprehensive plan to deal with inflation.

In fact, just earlier this month, when faced with a question about inflation, Vice President Kamala Harris stated passing Build Back Better was essential to fixing economic problems.

Republican candidates across the nation are focused on reaching voters and providing solutions to people’s problems, economic and otherwise, that Democrats have created since controlling the White House and the rest of the federal government.

Other issues that will matter big time in the midterms include pandemic politics, the supply chain bottlenecks, rising crime across the nation, and more.

Negative Polling for Democrats

For a series of months now, polls have indicated that Democrats are not going to fare well in the November elections. Republicans are leading Democrats in a generic midterm election poll by ten points.

Meanwhile, with Biden’s approval ratings being at a net negative in 90% of states across the country, it’s plain that most voters aren’t pleased with the results stemming from Democrat leadership.

On top of the negative polls facing the Democrat Party, around two dozen House Democrats are stepping down and either retiring or seeking different roles in office. During this year alone, rumors of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi planning to retire after the midterms have surged as well.

With all things considered, Republicans are in very strong shape to make a comeback and take control of Congress this year.

Do you think the GOP will win back the House and the Senate later this year? In the comments area down below, let us know.