Republicans Enjoy Massive Fundraising Lead Over Democrats

Next year’s midterm races are going to have very monumental impacts on where the nation ends up. Right now, Republicans have strong leads over Democrats in congressional generic ballots.

Meanwhile, as seen in states like South Carolina and Virginia, a growing number of Americans are rejecting the leftist agenda embraced by Biden and Democrats.

Across the nation, the president’s approval ratings are down big time, something that poses a major challenge for Democrats heading into the midterms.

However, the court of public opinion and generic ballots aren’t the only areas where Republicans are leading Democrats. As documented by Breitbart News, the GOP also significantly outraised Democrats last month.

A Closer Look at Republicans’ Fundraising Numbers

Last month, the Republican National Committee raised funds to the tune of $13.8 million. Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee only managed to bring in $11.5 million. Over the course of 2021 alone, the GOP has managed to outraise Democrats by close to $4 million.

This massive lead on fundraising Republicans have over Democrats speak to the positions of the various parties as they head into the midterms. Right now, there are several House Democrats who have confirmed they will not defend their seats.

Likewise, Democrats who are running in the midterms remain significantly burdened by the low approval ratings President Biden has throughout the country. When you look at the fact that Democrats are trailing Republicans in the amount of money being brought in, it sends a clear message of an incoming red wave.

A Messaging Problem

Another huge problem for Democrats heading into the 2022 midterms is messaging. With the many ways Biden has bungled various policies and the nation’s economy, Democrats have little to run on.

Right now, inflation, open borders, and a messed up supply chain are the flags that stand out the most from Biden’s presidency. Meanwhile, Republicans can campaign on fixing the economy, restoring public safety, unclogging ports, and more.

Democrats will be hard-pressed to push back against this or claim ongoing issues in the nation are the fault of the GOP. Right now, Democrats control every single branch of the federal government and yet, the nation is in turmoil because of it.

As the midterms play out, it won’t be tough for voters to make the call of which party they believe should control the nation’s House of Representatives and Senate. The public has seen what comes from a Democrat-controlled Congress.

According to polls, Americans are highly likely to vote for Republicans to take back power in Congress, come the November 2022 elections.

Do you think Republicans raising more money than Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms is a good sign? We’re curious to know your thoughts about what’s to come next below in the comments section.