Republicans Doing Well in Swing Districts, Amid Biden’s Border Nightmare

"Joe Biden" (Public Domain) by US Department of State

For weeks on end now, the situation at the Southern border has gotten increasingly more precarious. Gangs, crowded border facilities, drug cartels, migrant women and children in danger, etc., are the current results of the crisis that President Biden created. 

Since the inception of this nightmare, polls have shown that the American public isn’t happy. Even some leaders of the Democrat Party admit that order at the Southern border is in high demand. Additional polling has shown the surge of Biden’s disapproval rating as the crisis gets worse. 

“Vice President Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Kelly Kline

However, Biden’s mismanagement is providing opportunities for Republicans to raise their political clout. According to Breitbart News, the GOP is now doing well in areas that were once reliable swing districts. 

A Change in Swing Districts

Surveys from the conservative Heritage Foundation show very good news for Republicans, especially as the 2022 midterm elections draw nearer. 

According to this poll’s findings, Independent swing voters are not pleased with the current president. 55% of Independents currently fault Biden for the surge of migrants coming to the Southern border. Meanwhile, 48% of Independent voters also stated that the events at the Southern border lower their likelihood of voting for a Democrat candidate. 

More than two-thirds of Independent voters — 67% — also confirmed that they are not supportive of tearing down the wall at the Southern border. 

This new data is very good news for Republicans. GOP candidates and voters are united with Independents in faulting Biden for the border crisis and opposing the removal of the border wall. 

The Importance of Swing Districts

During next year’s midterm elections, swing districts are going to be critical for Republicans beating Democrats and regaining power in Congress. Taking back the House and Senate couldn’t be more important. A GOP in control of one or both chambers is enough to stop President Biden’s radical, dangerous agenda. 

The Biden administration continues working to downplay the border crisis. This isn’t turning out so well; instead, it exposes the failed policies of the Biden administration and the weakness of the Democrat Party. 

Republicans continue to hold President Biden accountable for the mess he’s created at the Southern border. Of course, this comes on top of other poor policies and decisions perpetrated by this White House. 

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