Republicans, Democrats in Congress Face Real Barriers Against Working Together

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The first several weeks of the Biden administration have shown the deep partisan divides that remain ongoing in Congress.

Virtually all the bills passed thus far have occurred based on party lines. Democrats in Washington aren’t even pretending like they have any interest in working with the GOP; in fact, congressional Democrats frequently boast that they can and will move ahead with legislation they deem as fit, regardless of where the GOP stands.

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President Biden has spoken of unity and of putting aside labels like “Democrat” and “Republican,” yet his own party members in Congress aren’t modeling this behavior. Democrats, at least for now, have the congressional majority and it’s clear they plan to use this to their political advantage.

On Sunday, Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan explained that Democrats are virtually impossible for Republicans in Congress to work with, according to Newsmax.

The Dynamics Between Republicans and Democrats in Congress

Ahead of speaking before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) yesterday, Rep. Jordan spoke with Fox News. Ultimately, the conservative representative explained that due to the “radically left” positions of congressional Democrats, working across the aisle is a very tall order.

Jordan then cited a few examples to solidify his point. The Ohio Republican noted Democrats’ stances on shutting down the 1776 Commission, allowing illegal immigrants with criminal records to enter the U.S., eliminating the construction permit for Keystone Pipeline, etc.

Ultimately, Jordan told Fox News that the policies of the Biden administration also complicate the process of Republicans and Democrats working together in Congress.

Rep. Jordan on the Future of the GOP

Despite the steep barriers that exist between congressional Republicans and Democrats, Jordan remains confident about the GOP’s future as a party.

Per the Ohio representative, Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party; Jordan then went on to predict that should Trump run for the White House in 2024, he’d win the Republican nomination and win a second term in the Oval Office.

After Jordan’s interview with Fox News, he went on to deliver remarks at CPAC 2021. The Republican’s CPAC speech also arrived before closing remarks from former President Trump.

Do you believe that significant barriers exist between Republicans and Democrats working together at the congressional level? Is the Democrat Party of today simply too radical for bipartisanship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area down below.