Republican Attorney Generals Gear Up to Take on Democrats’ Court-Packing Bill

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Packing the Supreme Court is the latest ambition of the Democrat Party.

Left-wing lawmakers proved this last week when they shared a bill to add four new seats to the court. Right now, Democrat leaders, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden are lukewarm on the legislation; however, there is no telling how long this will last. 

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Should the leaders of the Democrat Party choose to get fully behind the Judiciary Act of 2021 (the court-packing bill) the only thing standing in their way will be the Senate filibuster. Already, though, Democrats have made very clear their interest in eliminating the filibuster. 

Across the nation, Republican attorney generals are preparing to push back against the leftist campaign for packing the Supreme Court, Breitbart News confirms. 

The Fight Against Packing SCOTUS with Liberal Justices

Republican attorney generals in Arkansas, Missouri, and other red states spoke with Breitbart about Democrats’ court-packing efforts. These GOP leaders maintain that Democrats essentially aim to “validate” their socialist agenda for the nation via the highest court in the land. 

GOP attorney generals furthermore offer a clear warning about the precedent underway here. The Judiciary Act of 2021 aims to bring four new seats to the Supreme Court; however, Republicans are pointing out that the push to pack the court could lead to more than just four new seats being added. 

Steve Marshall, the Alabama GOP attorney general, stated that Democrats have not put in place a “limiting principle” on their work to expand the Supreme Court. Therefore, with what the left is currently trying to pull, there is nothing to stop them from pushing for a court expansion to 20 seats or even 75. 

Marshall warns that the Judiciary Act of 2021 ultimately clears a path for an indefinite number of seats to be continuously added to the Supreme Court; this is especially a risk as federal power shifts between Republicans and Democrats. 

Legal Actions from Republicans

The pushback against Democrats’ court-backing bill extends beyond just strong words from conservative leaders. GOP attorney generals have noted that the attempt to pack the court presents constitutional challenges. 

Therefore, if Democrats do choose to move forward with their bill to expand the Supreme Court, GOP leaders will pursue “constitutional grounds” and means to keep the court at nine justices. 

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