Rep. Ayanna Pressley Attempts to Speak for Black Americans

The political left remains obsessed with espousing a narrative of inescapable, black victimhood. Democrats make it a point to claim that black people are inherently disadvantaged in society and victims forever swayed by external circumstances.
Make no mistake: the aforementioned narrative is a falsehood, birthed by Democrats in order to further their own political power. It’s why Black Lives Matter had managed to persuade Democrat mayors to withdraw funding from their own police departments.
This false narrative also why Black Lives Matter riots when a police officer shoots a black person, but not when black people shoot and kill each other.

On Sunday, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D) advanced the fictitious narrative that black people are innate victims in America. Breitbart News documents the congresswoman’s assertions that African-Americans are “gutted.”

Reviewing Pressley’s Claims About Black Americans

During an interview with MSNBC, the Massachusetts Democrat made blatant statements regarding her interpretation of black Americans. After lamenting over the plight of viewing the news, Pressley claimed that “a firehose” of “insult and assault and devastation” is holding black people down.
These statements from the representative arrive in spite of black people being in various positions, occupations, and levels of power in America. Pressley’s narrative of inescapable black victimhood is a farce, but this is the story Democrats must stick to for their own political benefit.

Shortly after her remarks about the negative firehouse, the Massachusetts Democrat moved on to a personal anecdote. Pressley vocalized her interest in sharing “generational wisdom and wealth” with her daughter, rather than “fear and trauma.”
Finally, Pressley claimed that black people in the United States are “exhausted,” yet also “resolved.”
What do you think about Ayanna Pressley’s comments about black Americans? Is she in the position to speak for every single African-American in the United States? Let us know what you believe down below in the comments section.

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