ReOpen North Carolina to Protest Again on April 21

"Keep America Great sign" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As protests break out across the nation, Americans are not backing down.
Restrictive orders to stay home and shelter in place have engendered consequences that are worse than COVID-19 could ever be. Just a few of those consequences entail 22 million people out of work and the now-depleted funds of the Payment Protection Program, a relief fund designed to help small businesses.

While many protests across the nation have broken out in states like Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota, and many others, some states are making regular protests a habit until lockdowns are lifted.
This is the case for ReOpen NC, a North Carolina group dedicated to getting their state’s economy up and running again; thus far, ReOpen NC plans to protest every single Tuesday until Gov. Cooper reopens the state.

What to Know About Protests in North Carolina

Last week, protesters gathered in North Carolina to protest.
The freedom to peaceably assemble is a constitutional right; however, the Raleigh Police Department ordered the group to disperse and arrested one woman, claiming that protesting is a “non-essential activity.” Since this incident last Tuesday, the Raleigh Police Department has taken heat from Americans who are rightfully concerned about COVID-19 being weaponized to erode individual liberties.

Despite last week’s events, North Carolinians are not giving up. According to the events section on ReOpen NC’s Facebook page, another Raleigh rally will take place starting at 11:00 AM. Despite orders from Gov. Cooper, residents of North Carolina are still within their rights to protest, per the United States Constitution. The protest will take place at 16 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27601-1030.

The Right to Peaceably Assemble

Coronavirus cannot be weaponized to steal the constitutional rights and inalienable liberties that are part of being an American. Instead of seeking to shut down protesters, people need to ask why so many people are concerned. Back-to-back protests are happening on a daily basis because of government overreach and tyranny.

A virus that impacts such a small percentage of the population does not warrant tossing 22 million people out of work. COVID-19’s recovery rate of over 90% doesn’t add up to the mainstream media narrative that folks are just dropping dead from coronavirus. Likewise, the reality that 80% of all coronavirus cases are mild conflicts with the harebrained idea that people must stay in their homes, only leaving for “essential” trips.
It is time for the madness to end. The next upcoming rally in North Carolina shall take place on Tuesday, April 21 at 11 AM. Details can be found on ReOpen NC’s Facebook page under the Events tab; thus far, the group has more than 61,000 members.
What do you think about ReOpen NC’s plan to protest until Gov. Cooper gets the message? Will you be attending the Raleigh rally tomorrow? Let us know in the comments section below!