Removal of Illegals Set to Begin on Sunday

For quite some time, there has been talk about the deportation of illegal immigrants. Deportations were set to commence towards the end of last month, but President Trump temporarily paused the measure at the behest of Democrats. The president’s decision came with the stipulation that Congress would come up with effective border security solutions. Thus far, Congress has yet to reach this milestone.

Since President Trump’s time in office, Democrats have fought tooth and nail to enable and defend illegal immigration. Most recently, various left-wing candidates have openly stated that illegally entering the United States should be legal and sanctioned by the government. Obviously, allowing the decriminalization of illegal immigration cannot happen.

Coincidentally comes the announcement that the official deportations of illegal immigrants will begin this Sunday, according to Fox News.

Reviewing the Upcoming Deportations of Illegal Immigrants

Thousands of illegal immigrants are set to be impacted by the planned deportations. This is sure to cause fury from Democrats who will blame President Trump and claim that deporting illegal immigrants is inhumane. The reality is that unlawfully entering America and expecting to stay without any consequences is outrageous. Immigration laws exist for a reason; furthermore, simply sneaking across the border is a slap in the face of immigrants who actually came to the United States in the proper fashion.

Sunday’s deportations are set to take place in various cities across America. These cities include New York, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Chicago. The nature of the upcoming deportations will focus on illegal immigrants whose deportations have already been ordered. However, there is the possibility that additional illegals may be deported as well, even if their deportations haven’t yet been ordered by the government.

Coming to America

The deportations of illegal immigrants ought to send a very clear and concise message: come to America legally or not at all. This is not a difficult concept or even an unreasonable one. As long as illegal immigrants are coddled, it tells the rest of the world that disregarding the immigration laws is acceptable.

It’s sad that Congress has habitually failed to do their jobs and deal with the crisis which continues to worsen at the United States Southern border.

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