Rand Paul Follows Through on Promise to Refer Fauci for Criminal Investigation


A growing number of Americans are sick of Tony Fauci’s lies, flip flops, and games. Since the inception of the COVID pandemic, he’s been all over the place. First, Fauci said Americans shouldn’t wear masks; then he said Americans should wear one mask and later two masks. 

Fauci goes back and forth, repeatedly. At one point, Fauci even stated that Americans should consider wearing goggles over their eyes as protection against COVID. Nevertheless, no matter how inconsistent or irresponsible Fauci gets, the political left still worships him like he’s the second coming of Christ. 

However, what flies on the left won’t slide on the right, as Washington Examiner notes. Last week, GOP Sen. Rand Paul followed through on his promise to refer Fauci to the Justice Department for criminal investigation.

The Basis of Paul’s Criminal Referral to the Justice Department

Last week, Fauci dug his own grave when he doubled down on lies about gain of function research during testimony before the U.S. Senate. Now, Fauci alleged that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) did not pay for gain of function research; although, as Sen. Paul stated, this is a lie. 

The reality is that shortly after the NIH sent over funds to the EcoHealth Alliance, the EcoHealth Alliance sent money over to a Wuhan lab that conducted gain of function research.

It doesn’t take a genius to see where the money started and where it ended; yet, Fauci continued to lie and absolve the NIH of any responsibility involving gain of function funding. 

Lying before Congress is a criminal offense. Paul reminded Fauci of this; however, since Fauci continued to lie, Paul vowed that he’d contact the Justice Department and recommend a criminal investigation into Fauci. 

The Republican legislator did precisely this over the weekend. In fact, Paul specifically reached out to Merrick Garland, the United States attorney general; during this contact, Paul requested the Department of Justice to criminally probe Fauci and his statements before Congress. 

Holding Fauci Accountable

If Fauci said tomorrow that people should chop off their right hand to stop the spread of COVID, most left-wing folks would do it. The reality is that Democrats will never hold Fauci responsible for lying, switching up, and colluding with the Chinese government. 

Ultimately, time will determine whether the Justice Department takes Sen. Paul’s advice and launches a criminal investigation into Fauci. It’s also very clear at this point that Fauci believes he is untouchable, due to his tight connections with Democrats and other officials. 

Do you believe the Justice Department will do the right thing and commence a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci? Let us know how you see this playing out in the comments section below.