Questions Emerge About DeSantis’ Viability in the 2024 Presidential Election

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting a lot of buzz these days. Recently, DeSantis made moves in his state to solidify parental rights, safeguard folks from central bank digital currency, and more.

However, there still remains much speculation about the 2024 presidential election and DeSantis’ possible involvement in it.

The Florida governor has not declared he’s entering this race; however, he’s expected to make the announcement closer to May or June after his state’s legislative session wraps up.

There are certainly folks in the Republican Party who want the Florida governor to run in 2024. Though according to CF, some donors are questioning if DeSantis might be better served running for president in 2028.

What’s Happening on the Ground?

In a nutshell, some donors are worried that trading blows with former President Trump, who is also running in 2024, may not do DeSantis well. This is apparently driving the speculation amongst some that the Florida governor running in 2028 might be better.

However, some proponents of a DeSantis presidential run have said he should go for it now while he’s hot in politics and has momentum. In politics, four years is often a lifetime.

Though, there is also a perception amongst donors that DeSantis’ strategy of largely ignoring insults from Trump will have to change if he’s serious about running in the upcoming election.

What Comes Next?

The months ahead will determine whether or not the Florida governor potentially gets into the 2024 presidential election or waits for the next White House race.

During a recent interview with Piers Morgan, DeSantis hinted on multiple occasions that he may campaign. The Florida governor stated he could win the election, though also noted he hasn’t begun running against anyone “quite yet.”

If DeSantis does choose to declare his candidacy in the 2024 presidential race, time will tell if the big-money donors throw their support behind him.