Putin to Draft Americans, US Embassy Tells All to Leave Russia

(Photo by Kommersant daily shows middle-aged Russian conscripts in the Crimea.)

The US Embassy in Moscow issued a grave warning to all American citizens to leave Russia immediately. The regime of murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin may want to conscript dual citizenship holders to fight in his war of aggression against Ukraine.

Putin Mobilizing Everybody, Dual US Citizens in Trouble

The warning from the American Embassy in the Russian capital comes a week after Putin announced full-fledged mobilization, thus confessing his attempt to conquer Ukraine is failing miserably.

Seeing himself forced to announce the mobilization of military-age males, Putin and his Defense Ministry and close crony Sergey Shoigu, at first, claimed only 300,000 military reservists would be mobilized.

However, Kremlin source claimed the actual figure would be 1.2 million men.

The ferocious, but seemingly random, mobilization over the past few days appears to be drafting any men the military recruiters can get their hands on, including men in their 50s, fathers of four or more children, and men with no prior military experience whatsoever.

The mobilization order has seen hundreds of thousands of Russian men rushing to flee the country by air or by land to neighboring countries from Finland in the west, to Georgia in the south, and Kazakhstan and Mongolia in the east.

One report claimed more than 261,000 men fled Russia by the fifth day since Putin’s mobilization announcement.

(Photo by Kommersant daily shows middle-aged Russian conscripts in the Crimea.)

Russia May ‘Prevent’ Americans’ Departures

Even American citizens who hold dual US and Russian citizenship and reside in Russia may be drafted by the Putin regime. They may be sent to almost certain deaths on the frontlines in Ukraine, the US Embassy in Moscow warned.

In a release on Wednesday, it urged all Americans to move immediately to leave the Russian Federation. The Embassy cautioned Russian authorities “may refuse to acknowledge” a person has dual citizenship.

They may also draft Americans and “deny” them access to help from the US consular services, or “prevent their departure” from the country.

The Embassy also warned further it may be “increasingly difficult” for American citizens to depart from Russia, particularly as the remaining international flights are getting overfilled and the Putin regime considering a border shutdown.

That is why it urged Americans who live or travel in Russia to leave while there still exist some “limited commercial travel options.”

The US Embassy in Moscow pointed out “overland routes” still remain open for cars and buses. It called upon Americans who are taking its advice to ditch Russia to make the respective travel arrangements “as soon as possible.”

Russia has a long history of detaining US citizens and using them as bargaining chips to try to extract political concessions from the United States.

While in many cases, US diplomats have been able to secure their release, the American victims of the Russian regime may end up spending years in horrifying conditions.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.