Putin Drags Ukrainian Children Off to Russia!

Earlier this week on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen meeting with Maria Lvova-Belova, the woman behind what is largely considered to be an operation aimed at abducting Ukrainian children.

Much like the rest of Putin’s officials, Lvova-Belova has also been sanctioned by western governments, which didn’t do much to prevent her from carrying out her plans.

Her center is still fully operational and could lead to thousands of Ukrainian children being deported off to the invader’s country.

The assault on Ukraine continues

She was originally appointed to her current position in 2021 and the recent meeting was scheduled to discuss the issue of “Russian” children in the annexed regions of Ukraine.

Video footage shows Putin comforting Lvova-Belova and praising her for the amount of work she’s been doing lately; according to their conversation, Russians are even applying to adopt some of these children.

The fact that Russia is practically willing to steal these children away from Ukraine is alarming, to say the least. If you pair it with the fact they started the assault that’s been almost a year long at this point, their plans sound that much more diabolical.

During their conversation, Lvova-Belova mentioned a training camp her organization created for “difficult teens” in Chechnya. It contained almost 200 young men and women who committed offenses and were registered in the juvenile department.

Almost a year of conflict in Ukraine

It’s hard not to imagine that Putin used these young, pliable minds to carry out his assault on Ukraine; considering the large amount of Chechnyans among the Russian soldier ranks, it’s highly likely.

Continuing her series of outright disgusting acts, Lvova-Belova asked for additional funding which would help her create more of these camps throughout different regions of Russia, brainwashing the youth they get ahold of.

Unfortunately, the abductions of Ukrainian children have already begun. The Russian government already boasted about Lvova-Belova’s efforts, claiming she’d visited occupied Ukraine several times at this point, returning to Russia with planes full of children.

On top of this, she was given special clearance from Putin himself to use any necessary measures to identify the children without parental care in the four regions that Russia has annexed so far.

Unfortunately, the Russian general public had their vision clouded with media manipulation, which paints Lvova-Belova as some sort of saint who delivers Ukrainian children from evil and protects them in Russia, where they “belong.”

As long as he’s got even a hint of support from his own people, Putin’s reign will continue and so will his “special military drill” in Ukraine, leading to an increased risk of a greater conflict in the area if the situation escalates.

However, Russian rulers have a tendency to be taken out by their own people once they cross a certain boundary. Putin is well aware of this, as he once quoted an old Russian proverb, which says that those destined to hang can’t possibly drown.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.