Protests Against Vaccine Mandates Reportedly Behind Southwest Flight Cancellations


There comes a time when enough is enough. Regarding COVID vaccine mandates, the ‘enough is enough’ time has arrived.

With President Biden’s blessing and his announcement of incoming nationwide COVID vaccine mandates, businesses have been telling workers they have to get vaccinated in order to remain employed.

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Many employees are drawing the line in the sand and saying no. It is for these reasons that mass resignations, mass firings, and staff shortages are underway.

A considerable percentage of Americans are simply not going to accept having the COVID vaccine forced upon them. In fact, as noted by Fox Business, all of this ties into more than 1,000 Southwest airline flights being cancelled this past weekend.

What to Know About Southwest Flight Cancellations

Southwest is claiming they cancelled over 1,000 flights due to weather and air traffic control problems. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tells a very different story.

According to an FAA spokesperson, issues with air traffic ended on Friday. However, what Southwest Airlines neglected to mention in its public statement about flight cancellations is the ongoing dispute about a COVID vaccine mandate for its airline workers.

Despite the statement from Southwest, numerous reports have surfaced of Southwest employees striking and walking off the job, due to the COVID vaccine mandate. This explanation is more believable, due to the fact the FAA does not even support what Southwest is claiming.

Many Americans who oppose mandating the COVID vaccine are cheering on these reported strikes. The view here is that despite the inconvenience of having to wait for a new flight, this strike is worth it and will play a pivotal role in Americans’ freedoms to make their own medical choices.

More Strikes to Come?

There are already reports that more strikes and walkouts against COVID vaccine mandates for airline workers could be happening. Time will tell; however, very few people are buying the official story behind these flight cancellations.

If businesses remain determined to push this COVID vaccine on their employees, they should expect more of what Americans are currently seeing. Southwest airline workers are not the first staffers to take issue with COVID vaccine mandates; they definitely won’t be the last.

At this point, it is absolutely vital to get COVID vaccine mandates shut down once and for all. The goalposts will continue to move and people will continue to lose their freedoms and liberties if this isn’t stopped.

Without employees, businesses will not remain functional for much longer. Already, certain establishments are expressing concerns about losing sizable percentages of their workforces. Perhaps, workers’ refusing to go along with this mandate is what has to happen in order to shut it down.

What do you think about the massive Southwest Airline flight cancellations that happened this weekend? Do you think this has to do with COVID vaccine mandates? Let us know below in the comments section.