Protesters Storm BBC Headquarters, Lock It Down, Then Demand They Declare A 'Climate And Ecological Emergency'

Americans should not be fooled into believing that chaotic and troubling behavior from leftists is limited to the United States. Earlier today, The Daily Caller Foundation reported that liberal, Extinction Rebellion activists forced their way to BBC headquarters before placing the building on lockdown.
Why? Well, the members of Extinction Rebellion believe that the BBC network has done a poor job of emphasizing the importance of climate change in the world.

What Happened?

In a direct quote from Extinction Rebellion, the group is demanding the BBC to put global warming coverage as the network’s “top editorial issue.” The activist group is furthermore commanding the BBC to “tell the full truth” about climate change, global warming, and other related matters. Finally, Extinction Rebellion believes that the BBC ought to declare a public emergency on the aforementioned matters.
The BBC, for their part, has defended their management of this issue. A spokesperson for the network released the following public statement:

“The BBC has a proud record of leading the way in sustainability in the media industry and we’ve set out further action including cutting energy use further, eradicating single-use plastic and minimising the impact of necessary travel. In the last charter period, we reduced our carbon footprint by a third. People can also see the clear impact programmes like Blue Planet II and Dynasties have had on public debate about the impact of humankind on the planet.”

The extent of Extinction Rebellion’s protest was so extreme that BBC employees and others were unable to enter or leave the building.

The Lesson to be Learned

Sadly, aggression and bad behavior seem to be universal leftist qualities. When liberals and other left-wingers feel as though things are not going their way, they habitually see fit to make a scene, disturb the lives of others, and even resort to violence. This is not just happening in small, controlled groups and it’s seemingly increasing with each passing day.
Hopefully, the BBC will stand strong and not cave to the demands of Extinction Rebellion. If they do, then it will send a message that liberals can throw temper tantrums and get what they want.
What are your thoughts on the fiasco which occurred at BBC headquarters? How do you believe the network should respond? Let us know in the comments section below.
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